The Azienda Agricola Le Muraglie

The Azienda agricola "Le Muraglie" is set among the beautiful hills of Garda.
The firm is in Valeggio sul Mincio, near Custoza and Bardolino.
Remo, Luigi and Franco are carrying on with passion the "art of wine making" from their father Erminio.
The production is limited and selective: the aim is obtain an highest quality - not quantity. After the initial gathering, the grapes chosen among those most ripe undergo a delicate pressing.
Great care is taken to allow slow maturation of the wines in order to optimize production and conservation of perfumes and flavours.
The moderate temperature and the clayey ground deliver fruity and delicate wines such as Bardolino, Bardolino Chiaretto and Custoza in addition to wines with even more structure.

cantina le muraglie