Our cellar is surrounded by the morenic hills of Lake Garda, a stone's throw from two elegant cities, Verona and Mantua. A land rich in history, evocative landscapes, spectacular sunsets, good food and above all... good wine!

In our vineyards we adopt agronomic practices with low environmental impact, to reduce interference with nature as much as possible and protect biodiversity as much as possible. We pay attention to water saving and use electricity that we generate with our photovoltaic system.

It is here that the love for wine meets the love for the environment, for our territory, for its uniqueness.

On the border with the Lombard lands, Valeggio sul Mincio was the site of Risorgimento battles, Scaligeri, Visconti and Austrians left the mark of their passage, fortifications that still dominate this little provincial town today; the Scaligero Castle still dominates the Mincio river valley and the picturesque and renowned mill village, Borghetto sul Mincio, which is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Visiting Valeggio sul Mincio means being able to walk in the most beautiful 60 hectares in the world of the Sigurtà Garden Park, discover Villa Maffei – Sigurtà, a sumptuous Venetian villa, admire Borghetto from the Scaligero Castle or from the Visconti Bridge, an ancient fortress bridge built in 1393. But not only history and art, Valeggio offers strong culinary emotions with the Tortellini di Valeggio, a treasure chest of very thin golden pastry enriched with a fragrant braised meat filling, handmade, as tradition dictates and our Custoza wine, a wine with ancient origins and expression of our territory.